At Auto Aroma we believe there’s a better way to keep your car smelling amazing. With the average person spending more than 290 hours a year in their car, we believe it’s never been more important to make your car a beneficial retreat.

As well as creating the best scented car air fresheners, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting each formula to ensure we bring the most out of our natural ingredients. From the calming qualities of lavender to the mood-lifting properties of sweet orange, our team of expert mixologists have created exceptional blends to replicate your favourite scents and create aromatic diffusers which benefit your holistic well-being. Best of all, you receive those benefits by simply being in your car.

We only use real ingredients and the best high quality oils. All our products are cruelty free and our essential oils are 100% natural and exclusively made from their namesake plant.

Once we’re certain we have something special, we deliver it to you in our trademark amber-glass diffuser bottles, purpose-built to maintain freshness and avoid deterioration from the sun light.

Join the movement today and try one of our revolutionary alternatives to car fragrances today.